• * My Honestly Odd Jobs

    Railroad Stevedore

  • * My Honestly Odd Jobs

    Cigar Bar Bartender

  • * My Honestly Odd Jobs

    House Painter

  • * My Honestly Odd Jobs

    Golf Caddy

  • * My Honestly Odd Jobs

    Soda Jerk

  • Matt Kennedy

    Matt Kennedy

    Graphic Designer

    I'm a graphic designer with over 10 years of professional experience. My work includes 16×16 pixel web icons, logo design and corporate identity, wedding invitations, 35' dye sublimated event banners, and much more.

    For someone who can't sit still, I find a sense of ease and am at my happiest when I'm at the computer, sketching ideas, and creating solutions to design problems.

    And although not on my resume, I've also worked as a railroad stevedore, bartender, house painter, and golf caddy. Although not glamorous, each of these jobs has taught me valuable life lessons and helped with my personal growth.

  • Charlie


    Loss Prevention Officer

    Charlie is a husky mix and an integral team member. She's a native of Arkansas, but relocated to the greater Boston area to pursue her passions which include fetching, chewing, and barking at U.S. postal workers.

    She is named after the female lead in the hit 1986 film, Top Gun.